If you follow me on social media you probably know I just celebrated a birthday, and it was "kind of" a big deal!  I spent a majority of the day relaxing on the beach, sippin' booze and playing "Girls Night Out" with my sista-girlfriends.

I wanted to do something different to pay homage to a habit I hope to do differently this year....and that's GIVING! I love being able to share my gifts of creating (whether that be film, painting, design etc.) but even more I love being able to give it to people who will cherish it.  

So right as the clock struck midnight on June 11th, I went live on FB to ask my friends to rename "Ballerina Ballad".  Those who were suggesting a the new name shared the video and had a chance to win a canvas print of the painting compliments of  my birthday.  

To be fair and avoid having to make the tough decision myself, I left it up to the "likes" to decide. I must say I honestly liked them all and I'm so thankful that friends of friends chimed in to not only give their input but also with birthday wishes. 


And the WINNER IS!....

"Melanin in Motion" was painted one random morning in March with no intended buyer in mind.  I woke up with ballet on the brain, and wanted some good vibes to some good music - 5 hrs later Ballerina Ballad was born.  She has a sepia-toned complexion, and a classic white tutu with an array of black piano keys. The original oil on a 22x28 canvas.

In effort to be able to both share artwork at scale and still keep it authentic, there were 20 copies printed on canvas available in the online store. I considered it a "work in progress" that needed a something more but its proving out  to be a crowd favorite. 

There will soon be customized prints of the ballet painting available because I LOVE collaborating with people who decided to invest in my work.  Collectors will be able to request different color tutus, add accents colors, and increase the size!

If you're interest in a customized "Melanin In Motion" sign up to receive updates on availability!


If you missed the chance to participate, you can still purchase one of the limited copies of the canvas print below.